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MisisonsYoungsMarseille, France

The Young Family

Craig and Katie Young have been serving as missionaries in Marseille, France, part of the MedRim area, since 1990. The church planting (Chapelle de Fuveau), begun in 1991, is now beginning its second generation.

God has opened the doors for multiple ministries associated with the mission.
-Christians on Mission (CEM) has been providing missional training since 1998.
-The Harmony Bible Camp has been reaching French youth for the last 25 years.
-The Goodfaith Retreat Center has been hosting camps and retreats since 2002.
-The Harmony Chorus has evangelized throughout Europe and recorded multiple French worship CDs.
-In recent years, God has opened the door to a fruitful ministry towards those of Muslim background in Marseille.

They envision a new church planting in the near future.

MissionsBrockingtonsMalawi, Africa

The Brockington Family

"We have a passion for the under-served in the communities in which we live. We believe in empowering our patients and living as servant leaders in the community.

From 2015-2016 we served in rural western-central Malawi at Child Legacy Hospital. In 2017-2019 we served at PCEA Chogoria Hospital in Chogoria, Kenya. In October, we moved to Nkhoma, Malawi to serve at Nkhoma Mission Hospital.

Our calling is to provide high-quality medical care; caring for the whole person, spiritually and physically. Through the Family Medicine Residency, we teach, mentor and disciple young Christian physicians from Malawi."

Keep up with the Brockingtons on their website.


The Subarayadu Family

Canden and Stephanie Subarayadu grew up in Mauritius, an Island in the Indian Ocean. Canden was raised Hindu and Stephanie, Catholic. They both came to Christ in 2001 and have been missionaries since 2004.  

They moved to Marseille, France in 2002 to study with Christians on Mission (CEM) which is hosted by Chapelle de Fuveau, where they graduated with distinction.  

Canden and Stephanie moved back to Mauritius in 2004 and started the Church of Christ in Riche Terre. The church consists of 9 families that meet several times a week in homes. As a house church, relationships are strong and very connected. The house church is a safe place to pray, serve, grow, laugh, and love.  

Canden and Stephanie are mission-minded and are focused on training and encouraging new leaders, with the goal of having a self-sufficient indigenous church,  as well as starting new works in Reunion, Seychelles, and Rodrigues Islands.  

Thank you for your partnership and prayers.

Canden & Stephanie, Elie, Samuel, Ella, and Shanna Subarayadu

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The 2020 Panama Mission trip has been cancelled. Our hope is to be able to go summer of 2021.




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