nextgenAt McKnight Crossings, we believe in the next generation. That’s why we’ve modeled our infant through high school programs to keep the big picture in mind by paying more attention to how our individual programs impact a child’s spiritual walk at the appropriate developmental stage. Using a NextGen Ministry Model allows our staff to come together as a team and ensure that each program is working to complement each other. Every week our NextGen Ministry staff meets to consider MXbabies, MXkids, and MXteens, including curriculum, how we can better serve families, and making sure we are effectively communicating and utilizing our volunteers.

One noticeable distinction you’ll find in the way we do ministry at McKnight is our intentional partnership with parents. We want parents to win with their kids! Our ministry staff delights in championing parents in their desire to lead their families well.

By looking at our children and student programs from a holistic view and partnering with parents, we are able to better ensure that our next generation has Bible lessons and life applications that are crafted to their developmental stage. By the time a student graduates from high school, they have been led through their spiritual walk in a way that sets them up to keep pursuing a life-long relationship with Jesus.


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