MXteens Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership Team is a group of 9-12th grade students who desire to shape the culture of our youth group by growing deeper in their relationships with Christ while learning how to love, serve and lead just like Jesus does.

If you're serious about your commitment to God and your involvement with this youth group, this team might be for you! Although I have to admit - it's not for everybody. I purposefully designed this team for students who are ready to step out of their comfort zones and be stretched and challenged in ways they may never have been before.


Thursday Meetings:
All SLT members are required to have 100% attendance at our Thursday meetings. The only exceptions would be a family emergency or a previous mandatory commitment to an extracurricular activity (like a play or band concert). In those circumstances, I expect you (the student) to communicate with me ASAP that you won't be at a meeting - I get it, these things come up! I won't be mad at all if you have to miss - I just want to know that you are taking this commitment as seriously as you would any other sport, dance, or another extracurricular team and I want to be communicated with ahead of time, not as an afterthought. Because we only meet every other week, having every team member there every time is crucial to the dynamic of the group!

Where? In the Gym
When? 7-9pm 09/10/2020, 09/24/2020, 10/08/2020, 10/22/2020, 11/05/2020, 11/19/2020, 12/03/2020 and 12/17/2020.

YG Involvement Expectation:
All SLT members are expected to have a 90% attendance record at all youth group things. I really mean 90%? Am I going to take attendance at every event? No, that would be a little ridiculous! What I mean is that I hope and expect that as a leader in the youth group, you would make showing up a high priority. This means that if you are assigned a lot of homework on Wednesday, you work as hard as you can to get it done so that you can come to youth group. Sometimes you just can't - and I get it! We all have days like that. All that I ask is that you try your very best to be at all that you can. If something in your life is going on that is preventing you from being at things, just talk to me about it! 

Personal Faith
All STL members should have a desire to grow in their personal faith. There is a difference between saying "of course I want to grow in my faith!" because you feel like it's the right thing to say versus having a legitimate desire to learn, study, and spend time with God to deepen your relationship with Him. This does not mean you have to have it all figured out, and it does not mean you have to have a perfect track record of reading your Bible and praying every day. What it does mean is that you have a desire to know Jesus more with every passing day. To help you with that, at our Thursday meetings you'll be asked to share (1-2 minutes) worth of what you've been learning about God since the last time we met. You may choose your own method of study (I have plenty of books and Bible studies to recommend!)

Others Focused
All STL members should put others above themselves in all that they do. When you choose to step into leadership, it means that you begin to care more about the wellbeing of others rather than the comfortability of yourself. As a leader in the youth group, my hope is that you develop a heart that compels you to watch for ways that you can love and serve others. This might mean stopping what you're doing with your friends to go talk to somebody and help them feel included, or staying after to help with clean up after an event. There are plenty of great leaders that we learn about in of the ways that Jesus stands out amongst all the others is he put others above himself. He loved. He served. He sacrificed. 

 How do you know if you're ready to join the SLT?
Read all of the information above then answer these questions. If you answer YES to all of the questions below, you're ready!

1. Are you in 9th-12th grade?

2. Do you have a serious desire to grow in your faith? Not just like..."yeah sure I want to grow" but like an actual desire to. You don't have to have your faith all figured out to be in this group - but you should have a longing to grow, even if you're not really sure where to start!

3. Are you prepared to sacrifice your own "fun" to make sure that you're putting the needs of others above yourself? This could mean constantly going out of your way to help someone feel included, or looking for ways to serve like helping with clean-up!

4. Are you willing to be pushed out of your comfort zone? (Spiritually and socially!... For real, I will ask you to do things that will not feel 100% easy!)

5. Can you commit to coming to every mandatory Thursday meeting, and try your very best to be at almost every youth group event? Showing up is so important!

If you answered no to any of them...that's totally okay, maybe next semester! This is so important: Just because you aren't on the SLT does NOT mean you aren't a leader and it doesn't mean that you're not a good Christian - it just means that you're not in a season in your life where doing the team is possible, and that's okay! But, if you have a desire to join the team but are unsure if you're ready - come talk to me!

If you answered yes to all of them, great! We're ready for you! Fill out the appropriate form below and text me when you submit it. Here's what I'm looking for: I want to see that you sat down and took time to thoughtfully answer the questions. Anyone who applies will be welcome on the team as long as I can tell that you took the application seriously. 

Here's the links!
First and foremost, take some time to pray about your application decision!
New Member SLT Membership Form
Returning SLT Membership Form

The forms are due by Monday, September 7, 2020 at 11:59pm. I will take Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 8th and 9th to review the submissions and will touch base with each student as soon as I've read over their submission.


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