Get Connected!

Get Connected to the Youth Group!


Are you wondering how you can get connected to the McKnight Crossings Youth Group? Look no further than this page right here! We'll talk about all of the ways that you can make sure not to miss anything related to the Youth Ministry!



Our Linktree is our home away from home (in other words, our "website" away from our website). On Linktree, you'll find links to all things MXYG! Links to our websites, our PayPal, links to sign up for events, links to our social media accounts (Instagram/Facebook), and links to help get you connected!

Find our Linktree HERE!


Signing up to receive our emails is going to be a great ally in not missing any details! We send out a weekly newsletter with events for the week, updates, announcements, etc. We may also send out emails on random days if there is something important happening or coming up. You can find a link to sign up for our Email Log on Linktree.

You can also sign up by clicking HERE!


Sign up for our Remind texts! This allows us to send out mass text messages in case we need to remind people about something, let people know if there's a last minute change to something, etc. Text "@mxyg" to 81010 to sign up - or download the app.


GroupMe is a way for the students to communicate with each other, have fun conversations, send pictures, memes, share prayer requests, and of course, for us to send reminders and updates right to the students. Ask us to add you or head to Linktree and find a link to join there! (Permission must be granted from admin).

What else can I do?

As far as events go, check out the MXYG Calendars page to see our upcoming events! Calendars are released in increments of 3 months, and things change over time. Be sure to sign up for the email log, Remind, and GroupMe (for students) to catch wind of anything that changes about the calendars. Seeing what events are available to sign up for on Linktree is also a good way to know what's going on! Click on those links that will take you to the registration pages where all of the information will be.


The Importance of MXYG | Linktree

We want to stress how important our Linktree is. We keep the URL on the back of the Calendar sheets, a QR Code for people to scan, QR Codes in the Canteen, Cafe, and on the MXYG Bulletin Board in the Foyer, etc. Any time you have a question, 99% of the time Linktree will be a great resource to access to answer that question. Linktree will take you to our website to find info, let you pay for events, and even contact Nathan if you don't have his number or email already. Please utilize Linktree! Keep it as a bookmark on your browser, keep a QR Code somewhere - Linktree will not let you down!



Parents, we definitely recommend doing a little research when it comes to deciding whether or not your student is ready to have the social media apps listed above. Apps like GroupMe, Instagram, and Facebook can open doors to unsafe online environments for your child if they are used incorrectly. It’s important to talk with your student about how to use these apps safely BEFORE letting them download and use them. You know your child and what they can and can’t handle better than anyone! 

Click here to view one of our favorite resources on internet safety. There is a review of every social media app through the eyes of a parent. Check it out to learn the ins, outs, and safety concerns and features for the apps your kids are using! 

Pay special attention to Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and GroupMe. These are especially popular right now!


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