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The McKnight Crossings Youth Group (MXYG) is a group of 6th-12th grade students who are looking to grow in their faith or even discover it. We strive to reflect Christ each and everyday, while understanding the fact that we are not perfect. We mess up, we make mistakes, but God is good when everything else isn't. God fulfills us, gives us purpose, and shows us what love truly means. MXYG doesn't exist without God, nor would it have purpose without God. Therefore, our goal is to keep Christ at the center of all we do. Read below to see who we are and how we do that!

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The 6 Pillars of MXYG

The 6 Pillars of MXYG

The 6 Pillars of MXYG make up who we are, what we do, and how we disciple. Fellowship, worship, Bible study, leadership, service -- all made up in these 6 Pillars. Everything that you need to maximize your Youth Group experience is right here! Read about each Pillar below. 

Midweek Youth Group Logo

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Midweek Youth Group is a time for our students to get together on a Wednesday night in the midst of weekly school, homework, sports, band, and everything in between. We run from about 6:30-8pm during the school year, and 6:30-8:30pm during the summer. We spend time hanging out, playing games, eating plenty of snacks, and most importantly, learning about our faith and God! Out of all the MXYG Pillars, this may just be the most important one. Midweek Youth Group is the program that incorporates attributes from all of the other Pillars. If you want to have a good time in Youth Group and grow deeper in your faith, joining us every Wednesday for Midweek is the thing to do! SD+W is a branch of Midweek Youth Group. It is held on the last Wednesday night of the month during the school year (September-April). A student will give a devotional thought, and we will sing praises to God in worship (thus the name, "Student Devo + Worship"). It is the same as Midweek in that it's held in the same location and at the same time (6:30-8pm). If you're interested in doing a devo, let Nathan know and he will get you on the calendar! There are no requirements, and not even any expectations. If you're a student willing to speak for 5-10 minutes about your life, your testimony, a Bible story, a special scripture, a song, a book, a mentor's impact, etc., then we'd love to hear from you! If you need any coaching on your devo, Nathan is more than willing to help you out.

The Student Action Leadership Team is a group of 7th-12th grade students in the youth group who are dedicated to leading the youth group into a growing relationship with Christ, growing in relationships with one another, and growing in their own faith and leadership skills.

We take this team seriously! It's not something that you can be halfway in on. It's all in or not at all. While there are expectations and requirements to be on S.A.L.T., it also comes with some incentive! Please visit the S.A.L.T. Application form to learn more about the team, and see if it'd be a good fit for you!




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THEO ("Theology") is simply a time of Bible study. Less teaching, more studying and learning the Word together. We also use THEO as a way to get to know our church members, as we meet for THEO in peoples' homes every month. We meet from 6-7:30pm on a given Sunday night. Get connected to know where we will meet each month! If you're looking to know God more and dive deeper into His Word, THEO is for you! Churches on the Streets is an organization that serves clothes, food, hygiene, etc., to the homeless community. We meet with the organization once a month on a Monday night and go to a select few locations downtown to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We meet at the church building around 5:15pm and ride together in the church van to go meet the organization. We typically return between 8-8:15pm. The majority of people who serve this mission fell in love with it after their first time. It truly is a God-led mission that brings glory and honor to His name. Even if you aren't comfortable going downtown with us, we'd love for you to serve by donating clothes, snacks, hygiene items, etc., for us to take with us. We never stray away from each other, we are well protected, and most importantly we are Holy Spirit led. To find out more about Churches on the Streets, visit their website, Facebook page, or reach out to Nathan for more specific details. We do other missional work as well, this is just our monthly mission. See You at the Cafe is exactly what it sounds like, getting together for coffee! Don't worry though, you don't have to drink coffee in order to come. The purpose of this Pillar is fellowship and friendship culture building. When we meet for things like Midweek, fun events, trips, retreats, etc., it's very easy for students to spread out and not all be together at once and doing one activity together. When we meet for coffee, we're all sitting down together, talking, playing card games, and getting to know one another better. Someone you never thought you'd be friends with may become a very close friend after this. No cliques, no separations, and lots of coffee (if you drink it). Sounds great! During the school year, we'll meet at 9am on typically the 1st (or 1st available) Saturday of the month (September-May). During the summer, they are spread out in various places on the calendar.

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Sunday Morning Bible Class

Along with our 6 Pillars, we also meet for Bible class on Sunday mornings after Church. We gather in the Canteen (classroom in the gym), and may split up classes for middle school and high school depending on what time of the year it is.


Of course, we wouldn't be a Youth Group without some fun events planned here and there! We do a variety of things, from game nights and movie nights, to Mini golf and Sky Zone, to Refuge (Fall retreat) and mission trips, and everything in between! Check out our MXYG Calendars or Linktree to see what you might be missing out on (hopefully not).

The Youth Hub

The Youth Group has a few spaces in the church that would be considered "ours." Those spaces would be the Canteen, the Cafe, and the Gym. If needing to say all 3 for where we might meet, we just refer to it as the Youth Hub. What spaces do we use for Midweek Youth Group, SD+W, and many other meetings? The Canteen, Cafe, and Gym. For example, "The event will be held in the Youth Hub that night," knowing that we will use all 3 areas.

Just for clarity, the Canteen and Cafe are both classrooms that are extensions off the Gym. If you find the Gym, you can't miss the classrooms!



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